In order to meet the needs (generally to improved performance and higher degree of completion) for frequently changing competitiveness, transistor, flash memory, dynamic random access memory (DRAM), application processor and any other semiconductor devices have been scaled down faster in semiconductor industry. Particularly, Samsung Electronics, Hynix Semiconductor and LG Display, the semiconductor companies of South Korea, have achieved a dominant position in their segments. It has been demonstrated that they have responded swiftly to secure next-generation technologies, such as new device structures, materials, processes, novel concepts, reliably at an early stage and these efforts have made them industry leaders. The goal of international collaborative research in academic institution is pioneering new region for next generation semiconductor which works with entirely different from current silicon-based semiconductor devices along with improving conventional technology. This kind of research becomes more effective and significant with the trend of open innovation. In above flow, we, advanced nanodevice laboratory (AND), are studying about both conventional silicon-based semiconductor technology (process, device, basic circuit component) and emerging semiconductor technology, noticing the importance of our role.



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